As a mom, I’m always looking for anything safety related. Making sure your electrical outlets are plugged is the first thing that comes to mind. Then we always put safety locks on the cabinets with chemicals. But I got to thinking what about the safety of my house outlets being GROUNDED. What! Who thinks of this.

So I came across this product that is new to the market. It is called Solid Ground Cords. And one of it’s features is a safety light that indicates when a outlet is grounded properly. All I do is take this extension cord and plug it in the outlets in my house and when the light lights up, this means the outlet has been properly grounded and is safe. Also, anytime you are doing arts and craft using electricity such as when using a glue gun, you won’t have to worry if you are safety grounded and you are your children are safe. I’m just a girl from the South and I don’t know anything about wires, cables, cords or anything electrical, but what I do know is that this is one of the best most durable extension cords in the South and I personally recommend it to other moms. I feel safe when using it.

It looks like this and I found it here at

SJTOOW Tough Extension Cord with Ground Indicator Light

SJTOOW Tough Extension Cord with Ground Indicator Light

To see the safety features, click here:

Anchored Ground Pin that does not detach from plug
“Grounded” Safety Light Indicator indicator
Reinforced Jacket Retention Device which reduces jacket/plug separation
SJTOOW outdoor oil resistant and water resistant jacket