Steps For Painting A Sunflower

1. Begin by lighting sketching out the flower starting with the base stalk, followed with the leaves and the center.

2. Draw the petals which are large and ovate in shape.  The tips are pointy and are arranged in multiple layers. 

3. Prepare your paints and start with the base parts of the sunflower working your way up.   It is best to use a least two tones of green and perhaps some additional highlights for details.

4. Paint the larger back petals first. The brush bristles will naturally create what looks like details in your petals.

5. Next paint the smaller inside petals that overlap the larger ones.  You can use a different shade than the back ones.  For depth perception you can add orange to your base color. 

7. Add a dark brown with a hint of orange for the center of the flower.  Then dab your brush in the center to create the effect of seeds.