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Acrylic Photo

Butterfly and Zinnias

Flowers are essential in removing carbon dioxide and toxins in the air. They feed the honeybee population that’s responsible for promulgating food crops and flowers like a zinnia attract butterflies which are more than just a pretty thing.  According to Areas rich in butterflies and moths are rich in other invertebrates. These collectively provide a …


Best Fabric to Paint On

The best fabric to use to paint on is white cotton with a tight weave.   The color white will allow the paint colors you use to stand out more.  However you can paint on virtually any type of fabric.  Yet if the fabric is loosely woven the paint will have the tendency to seep …

Acrylic Mural

Mural: Bumble Bee Close-up

Q.    Why should babies less than a year old never be given honey?  A.   Babies less than one year old do not yet have a fully developed immume system in which they have intestinal bacteria that can destroy the spores of honey which activates and unleashed toxins which may contain poison in the form …