There are so many fun ideas when it comes to doing a Blues Clues Themed Birthday Party.  But one of the funnest of them is a Blues Clues Paw Pinata.  It is actually pretty easy to make.  Here is how.

Step 1:   Blow up a balloon preferably round and about the size of your head.  TIP –  The bigger the balloon the bigger the pinata and that means more candy.  This may be great from the kids’ perspective but not so much from your wallet’s perspective.

Step 2: Mix some flour with water in a large bowl in a 1 to 1 ration.  This means for every cup of flour you add a cup of flour.

Step 3:  Tear strips of newspaper and throw them into the flour mixture.

Step 4:  Take the well soaked strips and carefully  cover the balloon leaving a small hole around the tied off part for the candy.  TIP – place the ballon in a bowl so it does not tip over and make sure you add the strips evenly to avoid tipping over aswell.

Step 5:  Let dry and add more strips for your second layer.

Step 6:  When completely dry and hard  poke two holes in the sides for your string to hang the pinata with.

Step 7:  Cover the pinata with strips of blue crape paper.

Step 8:  Take 4 blue balls like you would find in a ball pit (I know you want to take them from McDonalds but resist the tempation) and either secure them with a bread tye by poking a hole in both the pinata and in the ball or use a heavy duty glue and just glue them in place.

Step 9:  Fill with candy and tissue paper.  This will prevent the candy from settleing  to the bottow and look pretty when coming out.

Step 10:  Hit and enjoy!